Teracom - Danmark

Teracom A/S - Banestrøget 21 - Copenhagen

Teracom A/S - Banestrøget 21 - Copenhagen 

Danmon Group Systems completed the installation of the Danish DVB-T Multiplexing facility which included five different MUX systems. The project included engineering and installation services for Teracom, who is the provider for the Danish DVB-T broadcast transmission network and included a nation-wide Boxer STB (set top box) subscriber system. Later, a MUX5 addition added new MPEG-4  capabilities with video encoders and decoders manufactured by Harmonic.

Also included the project were Re-Multiplexing of the Video and IP signals, as well as additional wiring that provided for IP routing, monitoring and alarm which monitor the signal flow and infrastructure.

The project included technical drawings, documentation and wiring of DVB-T transmission equipment in a control center at Taastrup near Copenhagen. The MUX5 multiplexer included new HD and SD Television channels to expand the offerings to the Boxer subscribers nation-wide.

Tearcom's terrestrial transmission network consists of 35 antenna masts located in nine regions across Denmark and Bornholm, transmitting DVB-T Television and DAB and DAB+ Radio signals to a potential audience of nearly 5.5 million people.  The first MUX was installed in 2009 and the latest MUX was installed and on-line in 2013.


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